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Umbrella Building

I may be 11 years too late, but I am curious to know more about the menswear store that was inside the Marquis Building and the proprietor who hung the umbrella. So, if anyone is still paying attention to this thread and has some information that might point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate your time! Thanks in advance!

Julie Beckmann more than 1 year ago

Don't ever want to leave!

Having lived in Charlottesville, Houston, Phoenix, Tucson, St. Louis (and more...) I have to admit that I always wondered what small-town living would be like, but feared that I would be too far removed from the amenities of city life. Staunton changed that view for me. I love it and never want to leave. I have lived in the heart of downtown on Beverley ("Main Street") and recently moved a few blocks away. Either way, walking to restaurants, Blackfriars Playhouse (you HAVE to see this place), or just walking to window shop is so easy, and you run into everyone. Everyone knows your name!
The best part is that Staunton is close enough to Harrisonburg or Charlottesville that big-box stores are not out of reach.
I would recommend this town to retirees, those just out of college, those with kids (there are parades and all the stores welcome trick-or-treaters for Halloween!)... pretty much recommend it to everyone.

If you can't move here, come for a weekend at least!!!

Amanda more than 12 years ago


Glad that Richard E. got to Staunton... I tried to convince him last August to come to Staunton to see a Map/Silver/and Glass Exhibit at the RR Smith Center (featured in Virginia Living) that I had put together. I live in DC and have been coming to Staunton for thirty years ... art, culture, history and civilized. We bought a house in Staunton years ago and also have a place in the country. Come on down !!!! Scott and Peggy Ballin

Scott Ballin more than 12 years ago


I love Staunton. I grew up there and I miss the small town charm. I now live in Raleigh, NC and I visit when I can. Staunton has a unique quality from the Wharf area to the Stonewall Jackson Hotel and the Blackfriars Playhouse. It is hard to find such a quaint community.

Teresa Dodd Bones more than 12 years ago


We lived in Staunton for five years and loved it there. Staunton is a little jewel box of a city. Wonderful architecture, public art, festivals, a lively music scene, the vibrant farmers' market, Blackfriar's Theatre, amazing restaurants, but most importantly, the friendliest people you'd ever want to meet!

Linda Marsh more than 12 years ago

Visiting Staunton

My brother lives in Staunton, VA and has an architectural form. I have visted several times and Staunton IS charming.

Ginny Paxton more than 12 years ago


Great article. You must come for another visit.

Brenda Canning more than 12 years ago

STAN-ton not StaUnton....

What a great article! The story I've always heard about the pronunciation of Staunton is that during the Cival War the "yankees" would come to town and impersonate locals to try and find out "war secrets" so the locals starting calling our town STAN-ton instead of pronouncing the "U" so they would know who the true locals were! I don't know how true the story is but it's fun to tell!! :) Wendy Gray, Polyface Farms

Wendy Gray more than 12 years ago

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