The Little City That Could: Roanoke



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Greenways economic engines

The Roanoke River Greenway is a community sparkplug igniting economic development projects adressing health, transportation, and community development. Let's expand beyond the Roanoke valley to include an alternative transportation corridor connecting to the Huckleberry Trail. Woudn't it be great to connect the New River Valley with the Roanoke Valley by an off road trail?

Barbara Norris Duerk more than 9 years ago

We're Proud to Do Business in the "Big Lick"

Frances Kahn, a luxury clothing store has been in Roanoke for thirty years this year. And we have seen this beautiful city through highs and lows. But it is the people and the strong community that has really kept us in business for this long. Thank you for shining light on our little city Virginia Living!

Frances Kahn more than 9 years ago

Excellent Article

This really captures the energy and focus of the people shaping Roanoke's identity.

Terri Tatarka more than 10 years ago

True that...

Daryl...excellent article that captures well why we have chosen Roanoke as our place to retire!

Rob Stutes more than 10 years ago

Loving Roanoke

Having grown up in Roanoke, seeing the many things that are being done in the name of progress and good living, is very exciting. I love it that these folks with insight as to what people want are blazing ahead. I have always loved Roanoke and cannot imagine spending my life anywhere else. I love visiting NYC, Myrtle Beach, DC, New Orleans but I am always so happy to come back to Roanoke. Keep up the good work and thank you, Daryl Grove, for this article.

Ann Hawley more than 10 years ago

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