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Research Paper

The study about inbreeding on Tangier doesn't claim people are marrying their sister or first cousins. It claims that through MULTIPLE generations genetic diversity has dwindled to the point it doesn't matter anymore. There's a MASSIVE difference. Rather than getting your information from "hearsay" I recommend reading studies directly from the source:


That's the problem with people todays. Always like being told facts from a third party, rather than going directly to the source and getting it unfiltered and unbiased.

Also most interest in such research isn't to insult Tangier, it's because there's value in determining how diverse a population is required to permanently sustain itself genetically. For example colonizing mars or setting up a undersea community. Science fiction? Sure. But so was commercial flight back in 1850.

Narazazen more than 4 years ago

from the island

i love tangier because it is nice over there

mariah dize more than 10 years ago

Holy Ghost Weekends

Where do you think The Holy Ghost goes on thos long, "Escape From Evil" weekends of his?
Tangier, Baby! Tangier!

donald c marowski more than 7 years ago

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