Summer Swan Song & Persimmon Predictions



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Love Persimmons !

Thanks so much for the snow warning Tricia ! I cannot wait to use my time home to make persimmons jam during those snow days off school .... oh ! I'm not in school anymore ! And thank you for yet another nature virtual experience !!!

Rita Root more than 11 years ago

Knives, forks and spoons

I remember those days in October.....why do all good things come to an end and also, why do we measure things with eating utensil designs? So, snow and more snow...... wonder what the weather will be in the Bahamas?

Rhesa Stone more than 11 years ago

Waterfalls and Snowboots

Wow, that river sounds fabulous, just my kind of place, I really like the sound of that swimming hole with two separate waterfalls... gotta go there sometime.
Meanwhile, Persimmon wise, I recommend new snow boots, as well as a shovel... mine are pink with yellow kangaroos with purple spots... honestly, lol!

Carol Jane Wilson more than 11 years ago


So you can make great cake AND forecast the weather with Persimmons. So Make the cake, buy the snow shovel and when you are snowed in, put your feet up with mulled wine, cake and dream of the beach...

Andrew Wilson more than 11 years ago

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