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Tom Bryce

Hello I'm Peter from Switzerland I was meeting Tom for a couple years ago and he is great person I ever meet. He is such a great friend and is still in Virginia last week he was for a business trip here in Switzerland.... Can not tell you how happy I was to have him at my place here....... All the best from Switzerland.... Peter with Ursi

Peter Stalder 247 days ago

Pete's and Julies Children

Does anyone know where Lee, Mary, Ellen and Tom are now? Do any of them still live in the area?

Jennifer Garrick Guidry 252 days ago

Tom Here

Thank you for asking…..please email when you have a chance. Cheers, Tom

Tom Brice 245 days ago


The subject of the failure of the Brice's vision seems to go overlooked. Due to mismanagement and a poor business model, the resort was forced into bankruptcy and eventually, taken over by a development firm.

Arthur Champlin more than 5 years ago

bryce article

The resort did not go bankrupt from mismanagement, it was due to the departure of the resort's primary financial investor.. A small group of members/property owners personally took on the financial responsibility and created the member owned model that is in place today. It is unfortunate this article was not researched more thoroughly, as this resort has a colorful history and a bright future.

nancy roycroft 320 days ago

William Bryce

Nice story but you left out some parts. William Bryce's real name was Wilber Brice....He changed his name to William Bryce because he was a bigamist and married my Great Aunt Martha while he was still married. Had to change it. Aunt Martha Basye owned the land , it was her home-place. Martha Died in 1939 and had willed the land to William who she thought was her husband. William married his 20 some year old nurse soon after. He died 1940 or so. His real wife and Sons came to the area to claim the land....My Grandmother ,Anne Basye Funkhouser went crazy from losing the family land. There was a court settlement but not for much. The court records are at Woodstock..The rest of the info has been put on can still hear my Grandmother telling the story!

Judith Funkhouser Knickerbocker more than 5 years ago

Missed the point?

I believe the purpose of the article was to discuss Pete and Julie's vision for the land, not how the land was obtained by a bigamist from seems as if that story could be an article all its own.

Paul Rhodes more than 5 years ago


I just wanted to correct the story as told here.

judi more than 4 years ago

Old Picture Postcard

I have an old postcard of Bryce's Hillside Cottages, I imagine it is c.1940s. I was going to put it up for bid on eBay but if you would like to have it, I will send it to you.

Dominique Merrick more than 3 years ago

Post card

Darn. I just saw this. Guess it’s to late now..

judi knickerbocker more than 2 years ago

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