Hunt Country Hounds



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Hunt Country Hounds

I hope the hounds don't really catch up with the foxes. How could anyone be content watching the dogs literally tear them from limb to limb?

Uncomfortable more than 10 years ago

hunt country hounds

Besides being a subject I found interesting, the piece was so well written.

joan eklund more than 12 years ago

Hunt Country Hounds

This was a very interesting article, keep it up. I find it a fascinating subject. We usually just shoot or poison them, but this sounds like so much more fun and its great exercise for the horses, riders, dogs and especially the fox. And you can give up the shrink, nothing will bring you down to reality like clinging to a thousand pounds of muscle as it pounds out the miles through Virginia's beautiful outdoors.

Shannon Pritchard more than 12 years ago

Hunt Country Hounds

Maybe it would be nice to have a follow-up article about the thousands of abandoned hunting dogs that crowd Virginia animal shelters every year?

concerned citizen more than 12 years ago

Hunt Country Hounds

An excellent article and the one I turned to first. Because of this article, I shall be subscribing to your wonderful magazine.
I encourage Mr. C Lewis Witt to discuss his views with Miss Rita Mae Brown.

Kay Allen more than 12 years ago

Hunt Country Hounds

Loved the article. Ignore Lewis. He sounds like the typical elitist, animal-rights whiner-hypocrite. He wants to ban fox hunting, but has no concern for the cow used to make his suede skirt and matching leather handbag.

Phil Miller more than 12 years ago

Fox Hunting

This is a disgraceful article and all fox hound hunting in Virginia should be banned. Just another sports for the very rich and inhuman treatment of our wildlife. If the English, after long debate, can outlaw this sports so can we! After this article I am canceling my subscription to your magazine.

C. Lewis Witt more than 12 years ago

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