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Red Hen controversy

Think how much better things could have gone if Wilkinson had simply said to Sanders, "I must admit I intensely disagree with the policies of your boss, but I'm still going to show you how we can create the best meal you've ever had." Now, instead of that, the restaurant still hasn't opened and she's got a homophobic sign-waving protestor stationed outside (and, ironically, he's Hispanic).

MJJ more than 4 years ago

Red Hen run by a psycho

The Red Hen is own and run by a psycho. It needs to be fined for opposing a creed. Then the part owner needs to be declared insane

American more than 4 years ago

Hate, it's all they got... It's all they ever had. (Think KKK)

The party of love and acceptance at a restaurant that displays the Martin Luther King Quote "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend" has found their KKK playbook and gone back to their days of kicking people out of places because they don't like or agree with them. Clearly, the people at The Red Hen are using that quote as a mere prop to deceive people. The liberal Commiecrats lost the election and are starting a war that a bunch of tree huggin' sexually confused what bathroom do I use anti-gun anti-bible morons will lose badly. If you think this kind of behavior will not end badly and have consequences... You are sadly mistaken... I promise you, the bible clingin' gun-totin' American Patriot will win that war ever time! Is this what you communist liberals really want? Do you really think this mob mentality is going to change anyone's mind? Do you really think you will accomplish anything except inciting violence through intimidation and harassment? Your inability to engage in civil debate and develop a policy and agenda that represents something other than hate is going to end badly for you and worse, for the Republic... And YES, we are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy to prevent this mob mentality and approach to justice that you seem to think is OK. If you think you are going to intimidate and force anyone into changing their minds about their political views, then it must really be true... Liberalism is a mental disorder! Personally, I think you have crossed the line and have had enough! The battle lines have been drawn and I am just waiting to hear from our representatives that the cuffs are off and we can start putting you morons back into boxes.

SgtA more than 4 years ago

Nut job!

How do you sleep?

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Rubber room!

Dear SgtA, the VA has a big rubber room, especially for you! Just be careful when you fire your little gun!

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Rubber Room Failure

How original... I'll bet you failed lunch and PE... LOL

SgtA more than 4 years ago

Sarah Huckabee S.

Very telling are Sander's words, "... because I work for POTUS." She is not, in fact, supposed to be working FOR POTUS; she is supposed to be working for US, the American people. Instead, she is a propaganda machine in support of Trump - lying, misleading, and deflecting in service of that mission. I agree with your sentiment 100% and support your right to serve or refuse service to whomever you want. I do wonder, however, if escalation of Trump's culture wars is the way to go ... maybe, but I'm just not sure. Nevertheless, thank you for standing for moral high ground, and I look forward to enjoying your cuisine on our next trip to the area!

Maryann more than 4 years ago


You are dangerous! Will you hang future patrons that express opposing points of view like your grandparents did through the KKK. Same sad mindset.

David more than 4 years ago


Congratulations Red Hen on your decision to not serve her. I applaud your establishment. You have the absolute right not to serve her. She has no sense of decency and her presence would make others uncomfortable. Good decision. If I lived in your state, I would be booking reservations to dine at your fine establishment.

Karol more than 4 years ago

Loving kindness

The Red Hen:

Janet Reno led the Clinton administration’s confrontation of the Branch Davidians, a cult that had walled itself up in a compound in Waco, Texas. After a 51-day standoff, Reno ordered the FBI to raid the compound, resulting in the deaths of at least 74 cult members, including 25 children.

You worship at the altar of Bill and Hillary.

Sorry Lexington, VA. I've cancelled my upcoming trip to your town.

Mark more than 4 years ago

Sad news!

Sorry to hear that Mark. Lexington will be devastated!

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Sounds like heaven

This sounds like a perfect vacation destination! I've passed Lexington any number of times on my way from GA to PA, but will plan to stop next time for dinner at The Red Hen.

Barbara Dominey more than 4 years ago

Liberals Only

Maybe you should advertise Liberals only! Shame on you Red Hen.

Daryl Limneos more than 4 years ago

Next Article Regarding Lexington

There was a February 2018 article titled, "32 Reasons to Love Lexington."

I can't wait to read the next article which I assume will be titled "31 Reasons to Love Lexington." Here's some suggested copy:

If you desire political discourse in an extremely unsavory presentation then you'll love the owner and especially the zero tolerance ambiance at Red Hen. Known less for their service and care provided their customers and more for the owner's politics you'll truly cherish the excitement in anticipation of the next course as you wonder if you and your family will be the one's asked to leave because of your politics . . .or race or sex or whatever criteria the owner will choose next time. Enjoy Lexington where the phrase, "we reserve the right to refuse service," warms the hearts of those still hurting from that War of Northern Aggression

Xavier Dren more than 4 years ago

Right to refuse blatant liars!

I don't believe that politics, race or sex has much to do with it. Complete and utter dishonesty is in a category of its own. The person concerned should be thrown out of her job, not just from an eatery.

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Wrong again

You prove the point that your type is. Sorry to say you are a disgrace and wrong. . No matter what Sarah is a better person than you are because all you are throwing are nasty comments about her political views. This does not help anyone. Let alone the disgraceful "Red Hen".

Alison more than 4 years ago

Not nasty or political!

Being a shameless and totally dishonest liar, speaking and answering questions on behalf of another one, is not politics or a political view. It's simply called, dishonesty. Prison is full of such people.

If Sarah was honest, she would never have taken the job she has. If she hadn't realized that her prospective employer was devoid of honesty and incapable of ever telling the truth, she had then and still has, plenty of opportunity to resign.

The proprietor of The Red Hen did the honorable thing. Pity Sarah won't do the same. My hope is that many other honest and honorable business people will emulate the good folk at The Red Hen. Throw Sarah and everyone like her out!

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Time to boycott Lexington Virginia

As far as the Red Hen is concerned, there is simply no reason to put up with this hatred. If the town accepts the behavior of the owners than I don't accept the town.

Evan Sayet more than 4 years ago

Well done Red Hen

I think the town will continue to accept the Red Hen and its owners, before it accepts you.

John Morton more than 4 years ago

Time to boycott Lexington Virginia


Daryl Limneos more than 4 years ago

Normalized incompetence, corruption and arrogant disrespect of core American values....

I could be wrong but it seems the attitude Sanders responds to legitimate questions from the press with predictably came back to her. Is it really that hard to understand the mild reaction to the normalization of racism and demagoguery we're seeing?

CHARLES WHITE more than 4 years ago

The Red Hen

I understand The Red Hen Restaurant turned away Sarah Sanders b/c she works for President Trump. Doesn’t that fly in the face of remarks quoted above by resident, Douglas Harwood, who claims the town (and all therein) are “extremely tolerant?”

Karen more than 4 years ago

Do Not Feed the Republicans

I suggest they update their website and make mention that Republicans are not welcomed. I looked for this information in the FAQ section but somehow is not mentioned.

Karen Mullane more than 4 years ago

Should republicans RSVP

Should republicans RSVP or do you normally wait til they order before you turn them away like you did Sarah Huckabee. That’s a pretty sad discriminative chef you have there. I will never visit your restaurant or this town after this!

Pam Green more than 4 years ago

Pretty sad!

Pam, you won't be missed, nor will any other people who lie for a living.

John Morton more than 4 years ago

No need to update!

I don't believe that there is any reason to mention in an FAQ section, the fact that people who lie on behalf of liars would not be welcome. It should apply everywhere, not just in eating establishments.

John Morton more than 4 years ago

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