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Don't forget the Lancaster Tavern!

Also a great spot if you go that way. Right on the road - good food and cute rooms.

Erika more than 6 years ago

Did you forget something?

Before you get to Irvington and Kilmarnock you come to White Stone - part of the triangle - that you failed to even mention. White Stone has historic sites from the war of 1812, the only public beach of the 3, the best of the arts in Allure Art Center and Lancaster Players, boutique shops like The Box, Sewlovelee, Dirt Woman Fiber Arts, fresh and organic produce direct from local farms at the Old Farm Truck Store, hand made fudge and candies at the Country Cottage along with ice cream, waterfront dining with the largest craft brew selection and live music at Willaby's, fine dining at Sandpiper and several historic and premier B&B's like POP Castle.

Jeff Cherry more than 6 years ago

White Stone

Thank you Jeff for bringing this to their attention. Without the Southern Gateway to the Northern Neck (White Stone), they would have to take the long way around to get to Irvington and Kilmarnock..
Don't forget Trimble's antique's and artifacts. It will take on a walk back in time.

Pam Sawyer more than 6 years ago

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