Reaping Havoc



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Reaping Havoc

Thanks for the article. If you can get "she who must be obeyed" to settle for a smaller garden, you can do what Penny did--build a raised garden (treated wood, a plastic liner, some gravel, fill dirt and top soil) and you're good to go. And you can put it in your own yard = no road trips...good luck!


Frank DeGaetani more than 12 years ago

The Farm Experiment

Our garden came out a little better, thanks primarily due to Terry's efforts (see the condo comment) however our $75 in chickens have had over $700 worth of coops/fencing plus probably another $300-400 in feed which should roughly equate to about $15.00 dozen! We don't worry about salmonella, though- just predators. I am happily planning for next years chicks. Signed- the other Contessa

more than 12 years ago


Clark, you just summed up my experience with farming. Show me the Condo!

Terry Yates more than 12 years ago

Little Farm

Great story Clarke, unfortunately I know it's not fiction. If the Contessa would like a few more acres to till I can set you up in Orange County.

Dave Pomfret more than 12 years ago

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