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Weddings at Oak Ridge

I have played the harp for many beautiful weddings at Oak Ridge. What stands out to me (in addition to the luscious setting) is the Lady of the house, Rhonda. She truly loves her brides, treating them as if they were family. She and her daughters joyfully make sure every detail is just perfect. The Hollands have preserved a truly special place in history!

Virginia Schweninger more than 3 years ago

a tad outdated

you might consider updating this story since John Holland, a friend and a man who was an innovative pioneer in recycling and reuse, died in December 2011, a dozen years after his teenage son passed away, Both are buried at Oak Ridge.

phyllis speidell more than 3 years ago

1970 Amazement & Rock Lustre

I recall attending a party at the mansion in 1970 with Charlie Pastorfield's band, Rock Lustre from Charlottesville. It is not a surprise that it went downhill from there. The tremendous amount of capital needed to maintain the property was not available to the heirs, as I understood it.

The rooms and furniture were beautiful and immaculate. I was impressed that magazines dated to the early to mid twentieth century were laying around on tables as if they had just arrived. The grounds were still relatively kept. I believe we saw the scope of the estate in an aerial photograph as I remember seeing the railroad station and dairy farm as well as other buildings from an elevated point of view. An absolutely amazing place. Discovering the tomb of an earlier owner really impressed me that we were in a historic place on a level comparable to Mount Vernon or Monticello. I hope to visit the estate again the next time I'm in that area of Virginia.

Dean Moore more than 7 years ago


Everyone likes to complain that we do not maintain our history the way that Europe maintains their history. Kudos to the Hollands for restoring and beautifying Oak Ridge.

Michelle more than 11 years ago

Grateful for Virginia Living

While in Florida, we are greatly refreshed with Virginia Living.

Mary Frances Mc ALL more than 11 years ago

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