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Usonians Are Still the Vanguard of the Future

Jacobs I is the birthplace of Usonia in America. Despite their limitations, their obvious issues and the fact that they can and should not be built as-is today, the Usonian is still the vanguard of the future. Minimalist, beautiful, at one with nature, the notion of the vertical plane, of rooms that reveal themselves are United States-onian. We badly copied the Usonian creating the ugly ranch house, an abomination. Pope-Leighy is about 1000 feet too small. Today we could build a 2,300 foot Usonian with the genius of Wright's design and create 1,000 year masterpieces. Instead we create horrible drivel.

Kevin Handy more than 3 years ago

3 usonian houses in Virginia

Though not a Usonian, there is a 4th FLW House in VA. Highlighted by Virginia Living Feb 2004, just put on the market, It has a website:

Daniel Duhl more than 12 years ago

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