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More Childhood Memories...

I grew up in Aldie on what was then Rte. 650. I was friends with the son of the caretaker of the estate (Robert Frasier) throughout the seventies and eighties. I spent many hours of my youth roaming the beautiful rolling Virginia countryside. Not a small portion of that time was spent playing childhood games in the vast garden, roaming amongst the trees and boxwoods. The first time I saw dinosaur footprints was in the flagstones lining the "big house", as we called it.

I have long since moved out west and rarely get back to the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. Whenever I'm describing the vast beauty of the Virginia countryside to westerners, I google Oak Hill Farm and reminisce about my childhood spent exploring the grounds which so poignantly spoke to us through the centuries.

I'm thrilled to learn the grounds are still being cared for and lovingly tended, and I'm grateful for the unique and treasured experiences. How lucky I was...

Cameron Byers more than 6 years ago

Childhood memory

I use to spend summers with Mr. Singletary and his wife Mary at Oak Hill.
I am 70 years old now but I fondly remember my time there. I remember a girl called Missy and a boy Tom. There was a beautiful barn( I loved horses)
Missy showed me the gardens and her room. We went to the kitchen and
I'll never forget the cook ask what flavor ice cream I wanted. I was so impressed, There was a walk in freezer with hugh containers of ice cream.

Mary Tice more than 9 years ago

Family Name

Now living in Delaware from Iowa and California I am excited to hear about and see pictures of this beautiful estate. A new friend of mine used to rent property from you. I am 85 and my De Lashmutt family did and some still do live in Iowa.

Lois De Lashmutt Stroud more than 9 years ago

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