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Article Does Not Go Far Enough

As a Bath County resident, I was excited to read this article on Three Hills. I am disappointed that the author did not bring her story into the present day. The Fikes have not owned this property since 2009. It fell into major disrepair and was sold in 2015/16 to a young entrepreneur named Jarek Mika who is transforming the property to its former beauty. We are excited that in early 2023 this historic property will be a luxury boutique property once again. Please bring this otherwise well-written story up to date, so that your readers will understand that Three Hills will once again flourish in the County. When you speak with Mr. Mika you will learn of his passion for this property and the community. You owe it to your readers.

Maggie Anderson 113 days ago

"Ahead of Her Time"

I am doing research on Mary Johnston, and would like to follow up on the reference that you make to a comment by Paul Simpkins on a website Blue Ridge Traditions (which I cannot find) about Margaret Mitchell and Johnston being friends. I am aware of the quote, but not of their friendship. If I have any of these details incorrect, can you please correct me? Or can you provide a fuller citation for this reference? Or contact info for Paul Simpkins? Many thanks--

Jane Rose more than 1 year ago

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