A Remarkable Renovation



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Thank you

Thank you for this delightful story and sharing this historic home with us. I am related to the William FitzHugh mentioned, and as such, also related to Robert E. Lee. It's always nice to learn a little more about my Virginia family history. Amazing that it is for sale again, as a REALTOR, I would love to be on the buy side of that deal - or better yet, purchase the home myself. In any case, I hope the new owners will treat it with the obvious care, attention to detail, and love that the Kingtons have.

Tyler FitzHugh Ohta more than 2 years ago


I grew up in Pottstown, PA and I'm guessing this is a grand son of John Potts who founded Pottsgrove in 1752. Many years ago I was fortunate to tour the home when it was museum...loved it. Plus I believe that the TV show Ghost Hunters did an investigation here and didn't find any paranormal activity.

Larry G more than 2 years ago

A Remarkable Renovation (of Lee's Boyhood Home)

Being a southerner and native Virginian, I so enjoyed reading about Lee's boyhood home in Alexandria, Virginia, at 607 Orinoco Street in Old Town.
I wonder if you could do a similar historic update of what I understand was Robert E. Lee's home during the Civil War, on East Franklin Street in Richmond, near the historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where he worshipped during that time?

Susan Durham more than 2 years ago

Can one visit Lee's boyhood home?

Can one visit Lee's boyhood home? Is it open to the public, if so, what are its hours?
If not, are private showings possible, if so, who does one contact to arrange?

Many years ago I did a drive-by, when it was a museum, but seldom open so was unable to go inside.

WAYNE J ROWE more than 2 years ago

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