House + Garden

House + Garden

Travel with us as we celebrate Virginia's homes steeped in history as well as those glamorous newbuilds. Explore styles and be in the know about the latest design trends for the inside and outside.

House + Garden 2019 Cover


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    Apr 12, 2019

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    Andrea Hubbell

    Grace Notes

    From a friend of George Washington to a World War II general and now Harry and Maria Hopper, generations of families have brought élan to the refurbishment of this historic, yet timeless, Old Town Alexandria house. Read more

    May 15, 2017

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    Photography by Tyler Darden

    Buxom Beauties

    What sleeps in its first year, creeps in its second and leaps to life in its third? It’s the peony—an old-fashioned flower that’s durable, spectacular and often unpredictable. Read more

    Apr 12, 2017

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    The Tie that Binds

    Westover, Shirley and Berkeley plantations are living links to our country’s history, but these Colonial-era James River estates are also home to generations of three extraordinary families. The story of a deep and unique friendship. Read more

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    On Balance

    New Getaway D.C. brings tiny houses to a wood near you. Read more

    Apr 19, 2018

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    Skunk Cabbage

    Plant heats up snow Read more

    Feb 3, 2011

  • Rough & Ready

    Kip Dawkins

    Rough & Ready

    Randleston Farm is an Arts and Crafts manor house first built about 90 years ago by the owner of New York’s Savoy-Plaza Hotel. Jim and Melinda Carter bought the estate about a decade ago and invoked its unique and masculine charm. Read more

    Dec 2, 2010

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