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Here's an actual photo

I found it kinda strange: that whole article about these critters, and not one bonafide photo?

I actually found one of these on the side of my house in Brandy Station two years ago. Not knowing what it was, other than big and weird, I actually took a photo and sent it to a professor at a university who has a website where he offers to ID bugs. He told me what you all did here. That it's an assain bug, and I was lucky to have one. Something you all didn't mention, that to anyone living in Virginia is important, is that they are one of the very few natural predators of stink bugs. I want to know, how do I attract more of these guys.

Here's a link to the photo: (It's on my company website because that's easiest way I could think of to share it.)

Will Knox more than 8 years ago

May/June 22
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