How You Like Them Apples?



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Bourbon Old Fashion

Best Virginia old fashion recipe:
Use double highball glass
Moddle orange slice and cherry in bottom of glass
Add 3/4 full ice cubes
Pour in Bowman Brothers Bourbon (Fredericksburg, VA) 1/2 full
Add sugar (or three packets Splenda)
Dash of angostura bitters
Fill almost to top with club soda
Top off with 7-Up
Pour into shaker and mix well. Pour back into glass, and enjoy your favorite pastime.
Many prefer the old fashion to a mint julip when the occassion calls for bourbon such as a polo match or garden party by the rivuh!

Edward Bennett more than 11 years ago

Artisan Cider

Tracey, thank you for your timely comments on artisan cider in Virginia. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, your readers will learn about our state's expanding choices for craft made hard cider. I especially appreciate your comments on cider apples—a chief distinction between "macro" or "commercial cider" (your Krispen and Strongbow versions) and the kind of cider made by artisan cidermakers in Virginia. Now be sure to add cider to your Thanksgiving meal!

Diane Flynt more than 11 years ago

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