A Taste of Paris in Charlottesville



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Very Disappointing!!!

After reading this glowing article, I immediately went there. I bought 3 different pastries. They were not good, they were not OK, they were inedible! After one or two bites I threw them all away. For true 5 star baked goods I will be sticking with Albemarle Baking Co.

Sarah Lanzman 20 days ago

Childish comment

Hi Sarah, I've not been to the actual bakery itself yet but have had the pleasure of trying the croissants at another local cafe. They were very edible and the taste was spot on. Albemarle Baking is great but I definitely prefer the Cou Cou Racho croissants in particular.

I'm glad you have the ability to just throw food away. Must be nice. Perhaps next time you leave a comment on a website you can provide some constructive criticism and not something that seems to be have written by a petulant child?

The editors of this website should strive for a more sophisticated reader.

Lena V. 19 days ago


i've had her pastries at the Workshop and cou cou Rachou. Tres bien.

kay slaughter 32 days ago

Too expensive

Too expensive. Cheaper in other authentic french bakeries in Charlottesville

Imane 41 days ago

May/June 22