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Thank you Donna

Thank you Donna for sharing your memories of the inn.

Perhaps we are related somewhere down the line. I have traced my lineage to Fauquier County in 1750... And earlier yet in England.

Best regards,

Wayne Ashby
Lakebay, Washington

Wayne Ashby more than 9 years ago

The Inn

very nice article. I am the niece of Norman Ashby owner of the home before it became an Inn. I am the granddaughter of Ida Lee Ashby who was born in the little house to the side of the Inn on the state property that is now a state park.
A little history for you and your readers, The town was originally know as Pumpkinville and the house where the antique shop is now located was a store and restaurant where the locals used to come for dinner and buy groceries. My Uncle Norman could make the best hamburgers. There was dancing in the restaurant part and a bar in the grocery section.

The Inn was a beautiful home where the floors shone so brightly you could see your face. My grandmothers room was upstairs and to the left.( She stayed with her son part time and with the other children part time) the one with the fireplace.

My cousin Norma and her husband had their wedding reception there in the back yard. The beautiful affair was one of the loveliest I've seen.

Out from the canopy patio, that was an add on by the first Inn owners, there is a stone fountain that was filled in. I don't know why but it was beautifuil as my grandfather and several of his sons were stone masons.

The Ashby's of Clark Co. were very talented and gifted people. Many of their talents were passed on to their children of which I am one. Rodney Ashby was my father. Many of the stone walls that you see as you go up Rt 50 were built by my Uncle Winks (William Walton Ashby) His daughter Colleen was a gifted artist.
I hope you enjoyed a little history of the property.

Donna Ashby more than 12 years ago

May/June 22