History Museum of Western Virginia One Market Square, Roanoke, Virginia 24011


History Museum of Western Virginia One Market Square, Roanoke, Virginia 24011
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Fantasyland is filled with fantastic spirit!

I am, every year, astounded by the gift the Santa Cares Project and Fantasyland at the History Museum of Western Virginia give to my children and the children of the Roanoke Valley. Santa (and volunteers) thank you for your devotion and your caring spirit. With your gentle spirit, you brought Christmas to life for me. The displays are growing. Spirits are growing bright for those visitors enjoying the sights and sounds. The delightful stories and lovely guitar-led songs bring on smiles.

Chip Donahue more than 5 years ago


What a joke! I remember going to Fantasyland as a child in the late 70's, early 80's when Fantasyland was in the old Heironimus building at least I think it was in that building. But never-the-less, back then Fantasyland was amazing! So much more Christmas figures and displays, everywhere you turned around, it was something to see! It was truly a sight to see! It was free to go and you could stay as long as you wanted. You were able to sit upon Santa's lap and tell him what you wanted and take your time (not like it is nowadays when it's all about hurrying the kids up, snap a picture (like at the mall). It's all commercial now. And Santa didn't play the guitar, sing, or read stories. I recently took my 4 yr old son for the first time to the "new" Fantasyland inside the Center in the Square History Museum. I imagined it was going to be like when I was a child and I was so excited to take my son for as I knew he was going to love it! What a disappointment! $5.00 Adult admission and $3.00 child admission to see 2 Christmas displays! That was it??? My son looked at me like I was crazy because of all that I told him from back in the day. What happened to all those Christmas displays and figures from the "old" Fantasyland back in the 70's and 80's? I will not waste my money again going to the Center in the Square Fantasyland unless they provide more awe to it. It's for the children to see, with their bright eyes, looking at all the wonder and see the joy in their smiles. Please upgrade and do some changes, make it look like it used to be, it needs to be more!

Robin Austin more than 11 years ago

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