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The short Time I spent with the Miller family.

I was married to Katie and Dub’s nephew, William E. Byrd, Jr., for a short time in 1969-1970. I remember having our engagement party at the Miller’s house on the water in Great Neck Point and visiting Katie’s mom, Mrs. Byrd often for a cocktail Toddy, a very large Toddy. She and Katie were warm, welcoming and elegant ladies.
We visited them often and I sailed on the Tradition II. Each visit included a stop at the Duck-In. I remember your treasured map well.
Growing up in Norfolk, we went to Virginia Beach all the time and the Duck-In was a must stop on the trip in or back home. I hold fondly on to the memories of the Miller’s, their home and family.

Margaret Smart Bowen more than 1 year ago

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May/June 22

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