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Bronco's Folly

Bronco's Ute sensibilities may make throwing little remarks about which school is the "best in the state" seem normal to him, but I hope he adopts a more genteel approach to coaching in this rivalry. True gentlemen-coaches, Frank Beamer and George Welsh set the gold standard for class in coaching and Bronco would do well to emulate them, as it certainly seems Fuente has taken that approach. The gap in reputation between UVa. and V.P.I. shrinks every year as the Jeffersonian liberal arts education loses ground to the STEM focus of the Commonwealth's top engineering and science school. The football gap, however, only seems to widen as the Hokies keep building and the Wahoos keep crumbling. Bronco has his work cut out for him, and he'd do well not to make his situation worse by resorting to cheap, and ineffective, taunts.

Weston Andrews more than 6 years ago

The gap is shrinking. Yeh, UVa is stuck in the #2 spot nationally tuck

Yeh , UVA is stuck in the #2 spot nationally among publics and VPISU has moved into the top 60. There's still a ways to go.

Bruce Milam more than 6 years ago

No National Championship

Love Tech but we didn't win a national championship in 2000. We played for it at the end of the 1999 season.

Craig more than 6 years ago

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