The Life of a Dancer



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Behind the Curtain

I really liked this article. I am a ballet dancer (local) and I loved learning what goes on behind the curtain at the Richmond Ballet. I love how the article shows how they work hard to make their dance seem effortless and graceful, and how they explored the back round of the dancers. This article really pleased me. I think it would be cool if Virginia Living could run another article on the Richmond Ballet. May the magic of dance live on!

Annonymous more than 10 years ago

Life of a Dancer

A peek behind the curtain of a "Life of a Dancer" was so very interesting. The article explored all the energy & the hearts desire of the Dancers. Not that I did not realize all their hard work, but despite the beauty of the dance, the "magic of ballet" as Antonov echoed is the true success in that it does look effortless, with the the gifted Dancer. Well done!

Robbie Perrotti Younger more than 10 years ago

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