Social Graces and Espionage



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Bridle paths, not “bridal” paths!

Step Tyner more than 2 years ago


I meant to type "Its" for the title :D

John Elliott more than 11 years ago

Arlington Hall and It's Modern Incarnation

My mother served in the US Army's Signal Intelligence Service during WWII, was posted to Arlington Hall. So when I was recently accepted into the US Foreign Service in Arlington, she asked me to see if that building was still around. I was shocked to discover that it is on the same campus as my own! 70 years later, the place is still serving Intelligence needs of our nation.

John Elliott more than 11 years ago

The Basic Idea that anywhere folks gather to educated is a place of watching.

Spying is the basic idea of the spy glass. Which was the ability of a person to scope in on matters and hone their ability to see what their opposition is doing. Therefore, the idea that a ladies finishing school could be a place of spying is perfect. As ladies make the best on matters of nit picking. Which makes them the best spy's.

Rider I

Antieconomic Warfare more than 11 years ago

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