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Nabil and The Cabaret

It's been a long time since i've been able to say, "I was too young" for these good times but I was there in the mid 80s, when Nabil and Ed owned Rogues and Cabaret and Peabody's. Great memories especially in Cabaret where there was always a huge crowd having fun and lots of dancing and us ladies dressed to the hilt head to (high-heeled) toe! I "worked the door" at a club owned by the father and son, Billy Sr and Jr Worrell, and Nabil would always come in to talk to me and hit on me haha! Reading this article made me SO nostalgic even tho' it wasn't about "my" era. The nighttime oceanfront is infested with crime now because of being overtaken by a bad element, with guns. I wasn't ever afraid to be there in the 80s. Such a shame there's so much violence in Hampton Roads now but it used to be GREAT!

Sheila 175 days ago

Thought Santana played Peppermint in Va Beach in early 70s?

VICKI more than 1 year ago

Sea Shore Inn

Looking for someone who remembers the Seashore Inn on the beach in Virginia Beach..I lived there in 1968, my mother owned it...but was torn down, and I don't remember the street address...would love to see old pictures of the hotel, it was great fun threre

Monica Dalton more than 1 year ago


Well I don’t remember your mom’s place it was an absolute great place to be at the time. Lucky You!

Cerphre more than 1 year ago

The Blue Chords


John Laughter more than 1 year ago

Stalk Forest at Peabody's - and Rogues also, apparently...

Early Blue Oyster Cult played Peabody's on at least one occasion [March 1971] under the name "Stalk Forest" but I'm told they also played Rogues... did anybody see them at either venue...?

Ralph more than 2 years ago

Best times ever

Me and two buddies of mine on the USS Forrestal at NOB Norfolk rented a small house on Baltic Ave near the Peppermint. Always there on Fri & Sat nights for Bill Deal & The Rondels. Dance till closing. Girls, no problem. Bringing them home by the dozen. Beer and bottles of strawberry wine. What a time, we were kings on Navy pay.

Gary more than 2 years ago

Last Band to play The Top Hat

John Vakos hired my band , The Undertakers to play the Top Hat ..We were honored to be the last band to play the Top Hat stage ..A stage that so many great entertainers had , in past decades , played and entertained on in my birthplace , Virginia Beach ..I still have a picture of the marquee ..

dana hughes more than 2 years ago

Top Hat Club

Saw your post as I was reminiscing. I was in a band that was the house band right after Bill Deal moved to the Peppermint. John used to lock us in for practice and we left via the fire escape. He didn't however lock the bar! Enough said. Wondering what mementos you might have of that place.

Michael Failla 259 days ago


Where can I get a photo of the Top Hat Va Bch?

Sheila Wunderlich 158 days ago

Other local power bands

Hard to believe you left out some other "power bands" of that era...The Swinging Machine and Wild Kingdom come to mind, not to mention the "Battle of the Bands" usually held at the Va. Beach Dome. C'mon, man!

Christopher Ellis more than 3 years ago

Peppermint Beach Club and Top Hat

The Peppermint Neach Club and Top Hat were beach destinations for us sailors on liberty during my stay at NAS Oceana assigned to VA-42 ‘66-69. Great memories of these clubs and the whole beach scene along Atlantic Avenue.

Loved it. I’ve been back many, many times over the years.

Rob more than 4 years ago

wonderful days

I spent just about every weekend at The Peppermint. Music was wonderful and dancing was fabulous. what a wonderful era to be raised in.Loved the all day jam session on weekends.

Eddie Dalton more than 4 years ago

Peppermint Revival?

When did the Peppermint re-open? It was open post ‘82. I worked there in 1990 and they didn’t shut down (& get torn down) until the millennium. By then Bruce Thompson was on the scene, Rogue’s was known for a more “sophisticated” crowd, and Peabody’s was still catered to younger college kids. The Peppermint was known for the heavier rock bands. Some bigger names that played while I was there were The Stray Cats, Danzig, White Zombie, Dave Mathews, and Pantera. A few people I worked with also still work with Cellar Door and Back Stage Productions. To me, those were the good ol’ days.

Sonya Landas more than 4 years ago

Peppermint dates

I know the Peppermint was an open club after 82 because I played in bands there opening for the Dead Milkmen and saw Kings X there. It was the early 90’s.

David Almeleh 207 days ago


I worked for these two gentlemen, back in the 70's. I was their receptionist for the T-Shirt business (at the old location under Peabody's, and the newer location on International Pkwy). I also worked upstairs in Peabody's and loved the atmosphere of the businesses they owned.

THERESA L ATWOOD more than 4 years ago


What Ever Became Of The Band Named EXPLOSION That Played At Rouges, Cape Henry Club Summers Of 1975-76? This Was A 9 Member Local "Soul Band" That Played Between Sets Of The Headline Acts Both Summers? Lloyd Price May Have Picked Them Up About That Time As His Backup Band? Please Advise

Wayne Swan more than 4 years ago


Lloyd Price did take Explosion with him when he left Rogues Gallery gig in the 70's. I don't know how long they remained with Price. However, I later heard that Kelly Ex plosions male lead singer later toured with one of the
Platters touring groups. As for Kathleen and the rest, I dont know. Al Mailhes, former agent and and manager of Rogues gallery Pre Kassir and Ruffin

Albin R Mailhes Jr more than 2 years ago

Nabil Kasir

I worked for Nabil in 1974 at Peabody's T-shirt factory. He had a nephew that worked there who became famous as the voice of "The Cryptkeeper" on HBO. One of the greatest gentleman I ever met.

Rick Wylie more than 4 years ago

Mr Kassir Mr Ruffin

I met and worked for both of these gentleman when I was 22 years old. I learned more about respect and how important it is to be a trusted person. I have never forgotten what Nabil taught me. I have not seen him in years buy think of him often. No matter their choices I have the utmost respect for both and always will.

Marty Calhoun more than 4 years ago


Peabody’s and Nantucket Band

Carl Dean more than 4 years ago


WRAP with Daddy Jack Holmes in the morning; no Leslie Gore and Gene Pitney over there. But My favorite was the WHIH, the "High guys" at 1400. BJ the DJ ( Bobby Jackson), Shakespeare,and the inimitable "Hot Dog" riding High in the saddle to the William Tell Overture (just like the Lone Ranger) as he rolled the chin music introduction to his show...there will never be radio like that again!
While Gene Loving and Dick Lamb had an onsite WGH trailer studio for remote gigs, the "HigH guys" had a flying saucer!
For many years when you passed thru the Downtown tunnel, you could still see the WHIH letters on the tower
from the interstate.

Leeotis more than 5 years ago

Peppermint beach club

Does anyone remember what it was called before peppermint beach club

JJLEWIS more than 5 years ago

Name before peppermint


Jeanne Twine more than 3 years ago

Peppermint Lounge

Who was band led by ? Dee and the ??

Rix more than 1 year ago

Peppermint Lounge

Such sweet memories! Saw the Rondels this summer. Love Power Play too Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn more than 6 years ago

Great memories

Thanks for the recollection!

Jim Chandler more than 6 years ago


I listened to WRAP all the time in the 50's and we were shgging even then but didn't know it's name.

Barbara Gornto more than 6 years ago


It was "WRAP" radio 850 AM, not "WARP" ;)

Rick Smith more than 6 years ago

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