Regal Tree, Historic Sound?



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my opinion

what a huge tree! Inspiration for <a href="">freelance writing jobs</a>

MaryMcneil more than 11 years ago

A Great Use

Using the wood to make guitars is a great way to turn that historic tree into the giving tree... this last gift being that of music. Wonderful!

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Barry Smith more than 11 years ago

Poplar Guitar Wood

Thanks for the article "Regal Tree, Historic Sound?" I recently resawed some large polar boards into bookmatches sets for carving semi-hollow electric arch top guitars and acoustic. While Huss and Dalton won't be using the Jefferson poplar for acoustic tops, I plan on giving it a try next winter (2011-12). And yes, it can be some very beautiful wood! Chuck DeHar, Hollow Road Guitars, Fulks Run, Virginia.

Chuck DeHart more than 11 years ago

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