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Hunters Head and Sandy Lerner

My wife and I can attest to how wonderful this culinary establishment is (Hunter's Head); truly the best food in Virgina and really the entire planet. Plus the staff is exemplary; we were so fortunate to meet Elizabeth on our last journey. Rarely does one have a such a spiritual connection with another person they have met for the first time. The art of good dining is mostly lost but Elizabeth was so warm, wonderful and inspiring it truly was a high point of our travel through Virginia. Thanks Sandy for creating a bit of paradise in this world that seems too often to have forgotten kindness and quality.

Steve and Diane from Florida more than 9 years ago

Hello How are you Maa!m

Hi,How are you Maa!m,Sandy Lerner.I wish for you good luck for being successful.can I work with you.like a Helper Farm.I would like to move on to another states.Well,first of all I am still single.my hobbies just reading the book.and cooking.My Personalized is a Good Listener,Understanding and Hard Working.thank you very much.God Bless!your admirer.

William Villanueva more than 10 years ago

Sandy Lerner

I always enjoy reading the history of very interesting people! Sandy is a fascinating example !!

John Urciolo more than 10 years ago

Sandy Lerner

Interesting history of a very successful Lady!

Dan Hodges more than 10 years ago

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