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Re: Raising the H-SC profile

Dear Dr. Hayes,
I appreciate your comments about creating scholars who are capable and competitive in debate. To that end, Hampden-Sydney is a proud supporter of the Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges (VFIC) Ethics Bowl. Our team placed 2nd in the 2009-2010 state-wide competition.(See this news release:
The men who competed in that VFIC debate had multiple venues at Hampden-Sydney at which they could hone their skills. For instance, Hampden-Sydney's oldest club is the Union-Philanthropic Literary Society (UPLS). The Society meets weekly to debate a wide range of topics. A link to the UPLS website can be found here: Thank you for your interest in the College.
Drew Prehmus
Hampden-Sydney College, Class of 2008
Special Assistant to President Howard

Drew Prehmus more than 12 years ago

Raising the H-SC profile

Dear President Howard,

Just read the article on, and by, you in Virginia Living, and your desire to raise the school's profile. I just watched the Virginia Tech - Boise State game. That's the usual way to raise a college's profile - through athletics.

There is another way, more dear to my heart (my Phd is in political science, University of California) - and that is, to create the scholars that defeat evry other school in debate, in demonstrated knowledge of current and historical events, in literature, in scientific knowledge - in the forthcoming Superbowl of Knowledge, which you might want to create. "Artes Liberales" refers to liberating the mind, not liberalism in thinking. Why do we have sports super bowls and nothing academic? If you rate Number One in academics you have raised your own profile, and created a prestige for learning that is now sadly missing in young people's lives.


Edward C. Hayes PhD

PS Feel free to Google my name - I was born in 1937.

Edward C. Hayes PhD more than 12 years ago

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