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Brewing scene in Nation's Capitol

Hi, here is a pretty good list of breweries and brewpubs in a radius around the National Capitol Building.

Dave more than 11 years ago

Thanks Jim

Thanks Jim - I just sent you a note through the Corcoran Brewing site.

Matt Shipman more than 11 years ago

Corcoran Brewing Company

Hi Matt, Thanks for covering this growing industry. We just opened at the end of July and can't keep up with demand. So your comments along with those in the industry ring so true. Its funny we are the first Brewery/Winery in the state and we under estimated greatly the demand for quality craft beer.


Jim Corcoran more than 11 years ago

Thanks for the brewery recommendations!

Is Mad Fox more of a brewpub than a distribution brewery? Also -- keep the VA-based brewery recommendations coming!

Matt Shipman more than 11 years ago

More Breweries

Mad Fox in Falls Church
Lost Rhino in Ashburn
DC Brau in...well...DC
and there are a couple more that escape my memory

TA Shaw more than 11 years ago

Other suggested Virginia breweries?

If any readers have suggestions for other Virginia-based breweries that I should try, please let me know! (Note: I've already written about Legend, so that one's covered!)

Matt Shipman more than 11 years ago

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