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And let's not forget Jo Ellen Parker ' s Horrific DICTATORSHIP Role In THE ATTEMPTED

And let's not forget Jo Ellen Parker ' s dIctatorial leadership role in the attempted closure.

Chs more than 7 years ago

Some random thoughts

I've been following this story because a friend of mine is a Sweet Briar alum, my sister graduated from another Virginia women's college, Mary Baldwin, and I have another friend who is near to graduating from yet another highly respected women's college. Also, my mom and my 1st husband's mom were alums of Southern Seminary, another Va. women's college, although only a 2 year program. It sold out to the Mormon church, and now has another name. Although my college education was totally different, as I graduated from a large state university, I am totally on board with women's colleges, and liberal arts colleges in general.

Li Kane more than 7 years ago

Sweet Briar

Your article suggests that a printed letter was sent to alums the same day as that ridiculous Facebook video. That is not accurate. Most alums received no such letter until much later. Hard to fathom how any school leadership could do that.

Liz Kauffman more than 7 years ago

Sweet Briar, Education

The outlook for Sweet Briar College is like the rose...blooming and perpetual. I cannot help but wonder when Dr. Jones and the Board's Chairman will acknowledge they were wrong; both in their fatalistic assessment and their manner of presentation. A wonderful way for them, and the former Board, to acknowledge their joy of Sweet Briar's survival is with a healthy donation. In this case, a "large chunk of change" would go a long way in saying, "we apologize". We all err; accepting responsibility can be excruciating. But accepting responsibility is also healing. "I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap.”
-- Ani DiFranco

Joyce Coleman more than 7 years ago

Never give in, never yield

Excellent article! Thank you so much for telling our story. We still have many unanswered questions, and I hope they are adequately addressed. I couldn't be prouder to be an alumnae of Sweet Briar College; the women who led this charge were absolutely amazing. This is one of the most accurate articles I've seen about this saga.

ginia zenke more than 7 years ago

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