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House of Windsor Article on Bill Jenkins

This kind of article on House of Windsor was a real bonus. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope to see more in the future. We need to recognize the artisans that still exist and produce quality products in our fine state. If you are in need of sources for more gifted artisans like this, then contact Rob Redus, The Accidental Artist, in Laurel Fork, Va. Rob is a master wood craftsman, creating one of a kind pieces including but not limited to console tables, coffee tables, writing desks, charcuterie boards, vanity tops, dining tables, etc. He will create custom pieces as well . He may be contacted at 276 398 2134 or You will be glad you contacted him. Thank you for featuring this kind of article.

Kathryn Dowling more than 3 years ago

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May/June 22

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