The History of Afton Mountain



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mountain top inn

what was it's exact location and are there and photo sof it?

ML Smith more than 7 years ago

I-64 Afton Mountain

I worked on Afton Mountain as a Parts man for Oman Construction on top where the holiday Inn was. This was a beautiful place and a large undertaking to build this highway. I also think it is a shame for such a beautiful place to be run down and deteriated as it is. I have Fond memories of working there for 4 years when I was 19 years old.

Rob Ramsey more than 10 years ago


Hi Rob this is a slim chance but I was wondering if you ever saw or knew of the Heizer Trucking Company who was hauling gravel and asphalt for this job. The owner was Haywood (B.H.) and he had a fleet of trucks. I used to ice skate at Holiday Inn when I was about 14. I too remember when this area was a tourist attraction and every time I pass it I wonder why it can't be again. Thanks!

Karen Heizer more than 8 years ago

Afton Mtn. Va.

It would be wonderful to get Afton Mountain back to a tourist attraction. The most beautiful place in the County and it is in shambles...

Brenda Jenkins Southall more than 10 years ago

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