Faces of the Chesapeake

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Permission to show?

We are the Watermen's Museum in Yorktown VA and we would love to show these pictures as part of our exhibit on Chesapeake Bay Watermen. Please let us know if that is possible. Thanks.

Steve Ormsby more than 5 years ago

Wonderful collection

This showed up on my social media feed this morning, otherwise, I might never have known about it. I met Nelson Firth Sr in 1985 when I dated my first wife. Her mother was his sister. Nelson has always been a kind, honest, and caring man and I am better for having known him. Thank you for this wonderful collection!

Michael Walton more than 6 years ago

A Teasured Picture of the Waterman

Thank you for posting this tribute to the "Watermen (and women) of the Chesapeake!" I was raised in Mathews County, a daughter of a waterman. My father spent his entire life in and around the Bay; he was a crabber (pots and dredge), gillnetter, pound fisherman, patent tong oysterman (and long tong oysterman), clam dredger -- you name it it was his livlihood. A proud man who worked a hard but rewarding life on the Bay. Only when the crabbing limitations were imposed did he seek employment with towing companies operating on the East Coast but he managed to get "time off" to pursue the spring/summer crabbing season. I commend you on your creative portfolio. I am very proud of my heritage and my father.

Ida M. Trusch more than 6 years ago

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