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Your Kungsholm Reminiscence

Dear Dr. Winters,

I'm now 70 years old. When I was about 12, my mother took me and several family friends to the Kungsholm (from Ft. Wayne, IN, about 140 miles away). The experience of the smorgasbord and "Madame Butterfly" has stayed with me all these years...long enough that I just checked out "Kungsholm" on the web and happened to find your posting of 3/30/2015. Bravo!
I've searched fairly hard for smorgasbords (even in Stockholm) and have never found one as good as the Kungsholm's that night. And of course I've never found another puppet theater.
And coincidences abound: I happen to be living in Richmond, VA, and the web says that you are, too.

Thanks again for your Kungsholm posting!

Jeff Roth

Jeffrey Roth more than 7 years ago

Glenn Winters of the Virginia Opera

Glenn Winters makes opera sound like it is for everyone to enjoy! Keep up the good work Glenn and soon you'll have ALL Virginia's going to the opera on a regular basis!

Rene Creasy more than 11 years ago

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