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Answer to who is the artist?

It is Cory Caulfield. Cory is not only an artist but runs a gallery that is indeed on the tour.

Sylvie in Rappahannock more than 12 years ago

featured artwork?

The tour is fantastic and what a beautiful area with so much talent. I too am curious, could it be the work of the talented Cory Caulfield? Looks like some of her work that I have admired for years.

P. Cove more than 12 years ago

Mystery artist?

The marigold painting is beautiful! Who is the artist of this beautiful painting and will he or she be exhibiting in this Open Studio program? Please inform us.

Linda Feldman more than 12 years ago

Who is the artist?

I had the same question as Ms. Miller.....I do not see any information on the artist of this awe inspiring piece. Am I missing something?

Katie Massie more than 12 years ago

artist please ?! ?

Good Afternoon
Could you please provide me with the artists name and phone number for the piece you have used for your 'Drive Slowly" article. I absolutely love it!!!! and hope that it i still for sale! It seems that you have mentioned everyone else involved in the artist tour, but failed to provide the title or artist of the work featured in the article. THANK YOU!!!

C. Miller more than 12 years ago

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