Civil War Sesquicentennial: Virginia Leading the Way



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Forgetting Warriors that Served their States, Commission Sets Different Agenda

The Commonwealth of Virginia has bowed to Political Corectness in their presentation of our States Valued History. Virginia, the Mother of Presidents, a leader in the Intellectual Property of the Country, dominant in our Universities, and the Fame of Their Citizens - Known throughout the World. The Commonwealth had "Nothing to be Ashamed" of as Compared to any other Region of this Country, and as the Flames of War drifted her way in 1861, Virginia resisted the War, but When a President Unable to Navigate the Difficulties of Politics decided on a course of War, without the approval of Congress, Virginia's Governor raised Companies of Troops to Protect their Homeland.

An "Invading Army" was on the mind of every Virginian, and as the Call went out to the Citizens of Virginia - these very Sons and Grandsons of America's Patriots, who also had once answered the call against a corrupt and overpowering British Government in 1776, became the Backbone of the Armies that Faced the Invading Yankees. In accepting the Articles of Confederation, Virginia Never Surrendered their right to leave the Union, if she deemed it necessary. An opressive Federal "Nationalist" Government Hell Bent on Waging War made it Necessary for Virginians to Enlist and Make Ready for the Federal Invasion.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Raised Troops to Defend the State. The Clairon Call was Answered in Every Hamlet, City, and Village, and Responding Were Virginia's best and Brightest Citizens. Hearth and Home Was Under Threat, and the Commissioned Officers left the Union and Signed on with the State of Virginia. The Coming War would Reach Every City of Virginia and Touch Every Citizen. Everyone would know of someone who would be either wounded or lost in battle. Virginian's Warriors fought with Great Courage, Bravery, and Devotion to the Commonwealth. No State, No Nation, or No Commonwealth Could have Asked more than they Received from their Warriors, who Delivered Victories and Fought with Fortitude Answering the Calls of Stonewall Jackson, R. E. Lee, Pickett, A.P. Hill, and Other Great Leaders, the Likes of Which the World has Seldom Seen.

In the War; Citizens of Virginia Would Endure With their Sacrifice, the Virginia's Soldiers' Suffered with Tends of Thousands of Killed and Wounded, and the Tremendous Economic Damage done to the Commonwealth by an Invading Army Must Not Ever Be Forgotten.

However, the Planners of the Sesquicentennial - Hell Bent on Bending Over Backwards to Accomodate Political Corectness, Have Distorted the Sacrifice and Pain of Ordinary Virginia Soldiers and Citizens. Sesquicentennial Planners and Directors have "Reframed the History" to Take on a Different Meaning and Venue that our History Books have Shared with Virginians for more than 150 years. The Government May Have Mental Lapses and Forget Their Citizen Soldier,

Inclusion is important, but Truth, Accuracy, and Fidelity to the Warriors - More Important.

Bobby Edwards more than 11 years ago

Stop Revisionist History

As a Pennsylvanian with ancestral roots in Virginia, I deplore what I have seen over the last few decades. I remember the centennial celebrations as a young boy. It was great. It stimulated my desire to know Civil War history over my entire lifetime. I have been to every major battlefield of that great conflict. I have noted the sacrifices from both sides. What turns my gut, is the revisionist history and political correctness perpetrated ever since. Both sides had what they believed to be valid points to defend, one side believed in Union indissoluble, the other felt they were being invaded, especially Virginia. This was a complex time with many complex issues. Some issues were left unresolved by the Continental Congress.
I have seen time and time again at battlefield displays, on Television series and in books, the touting that "Slavery" was the chief cause of the War. It was not. It was one of many causes. History is History. I have seen the Confederate Battle Flag misused by certain groups, but those groups also misused the American Flag during their activities, why not condemn the misuse of both flags. Say to the KKK, shame on you for using the Battle Flag and dishonoring it. You dishonor your ancestors.
Virginia had a major role in the formation of the United States. Her sons wrote the founding documents. She understood the value of freedom, liberty and justice. She was not perfect but she was moving in the correct direction. She left the Union for honorable reasons, to defend herself from the government. To the average citizen AT THE TIME, their State was their nation, their home.
It is time for Virginia and the South to be proud of their heritage and their ancestors. Celebrate Virginia. The question of slavery was paid for by the blood of both sides, honor that sacrifice as well. Keep truth alive.

Wayne Robinson more than 11 years ago

the title of this url

you need to rename this site im so sick of yankee lies.

mark brown more than 11 years ago


I sure hope the Virginia Sesquicentenial will explain how the Southern states were bearing the overwhelming majority of the tax burden and how Northeastern industrial interests had promised to impose a massive hike in the tariff rate (tariffs eventually rose from 17% prior to the war to 47%) and how the Northern states were using their congressional majority to vote themselves about 80% of federal funding for infrastructure projects. I hope they will mention the address of Robert Barnwell Rhett which was attached to South Carolina's declaration of causes as well as the significant part of Georgia's declaration of causes detailing the economic exploitation of the Southern states at the hands of the Northern controlled federal government as well as numerous newspaper columns North, South and International explaining the economic causes of the war as well as the Corwin Amendment passed by the Northern congressional delegation with Lincoln's full support as he declared in his first inaugural address instead of just repeating the same old propaganda that it was "all about slavery". This is particularly the case for a state like Virginia which only seceded after being ordered by the federal government to provide troops with which to invade other states after it had tried for months to work out a compromise.

David Evans more than 11 years ago

Civil War 150

Well it sure looks like the people of the Southern Hertiage Preservation Group on Facebook have hit this site just like you would expect from the Confederate Taliban!

In terms of the events planned by the Commission...Looks good!

Corey Meyer more than 11 years ago

Truth to Power

Where can we learn about the Corwin Amendment that would allow slavery to be permanent and unrepealable - that President Lincoln openly supported? Where can we go to learn that the Emancipation Proclamation was only a war measure that frees exactly zero slaves? Where can we go to learn of General US Grant's General Order #11 anti-Semetic rules? Where can we go to learn about the forced abduction of hundreds of innocent women and children from Roswell Mills and New Manchester Mills by General Sherman from Georgia? Where can we go to learn about the innocent victims killed by the uncivilized bombing of cities like Atlanta by Union Generals?

Obviously not here, because of the lies and distortions provided by the VSACWSC courtesy of our tax dollars

Billy Bearden more than 11 years ago


A letter from a Confederate Veteran !

William Henry Tatum,
Pvt. First Company Richmond Howitzers

When I volunteered I really did not know how a long a time it was for, and in fact did not care.
I am, with the other 12 month volunteers . Called upon to reenlist in accordance with an act of congress
Dec 11 1861, and I am called on to decide what I shall do, before we are mustered out of service.
I think that with everybody else, that the period will be the most critical one in our history, our enemy are perfectly aware of the straight in which we are placed and will certainly endeavor to take advantage of it.
Now what is my duty, to go home and leave our defense to undisciplined militia who will make a sorry fight at best, leaving it in the range of probability that the Northern hessians will overrun our state before the summer is over and bringing ruin on all of us? Or stay in the field, determined to see the end of this business before we give it up. I might say to myself I am only one, I will not be missed, but ought we allow such selfish considerations to govern us, our whole army is made up of individuals, and suppose each was to say the same thing?

I hope his Honor is protected

David Tatum Jr.
Suffolk VA.

David Tatum Jr more than 11 years ago

You are not even close to being Southern

Don't know where you came from or how you were 'appointed' to this commission, but you are saying things that are not representive of Virginians of that time frame. How much money are we paying for you to misrepresent our Commonwealth ? From what I have seen, you want to portray Virginians as being slave holding hate mongers, which is of course, is a far flung lie. Why not research all the reasons for Lincolns attack, and why the Southerners defended their homeland, and the black Confederates, whose home's were also threathened, as they did their best to fend off the yankee horde. It is a waste of time to argue with an idiot, so I won't give you the time of day.

Everette Ellis more than 11 years ago




C.C. LESTERS more than 11 years ago

Sesquicentennial Commission Policy

I can only voice my concurrence with what Ms. Hathaway has so eloquently stated. To say that I am disappointed with the primary thrust of the Commission's efforts to date would be badly understate the case.

I anticipate, perhaps forlornly, that some of these ommissions, to put the best face possible on it, will be at least partly rectified as the progression of the calendar from the anniversaries of the events that preceded the auctual outbreak of hostilities moves forward.

I hold out some faint hope that recognition of Virginia's sons and those other gallant men who answered the call and fought over some of the most blood soaked ground in the republic in this, the cradle of the Confederacy, will be forthcoming. Not to the exclusion of all else, mind you, but at least a fair and equitable recognition of their sacrifice.

Bill Dennison more than 11 years ago

Thank You Susan!

I completely agree with Susan. This is just another example of the cultural genocide happening to the South. We should celebrate the rich history of the noble state of Virginia! That's alright though, we don't need some carpetbagging government to tell us how to remember the War!

Edward Ruffin more than 11 years ago

Leading the way?

I think I speak for many Virginians when I say that we are very disappointed in the Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission and its blatant exclusion of any recognition of the 32,000+ Virginians who answered the State's call to take up arms in her defense and never returned home, or the thousands more who survived the war and returned to help rebuild the ruins of the State.

While no one denies that slavery was one of the main issues that led to the conflict and deserves a place in any discussion of the War Between the States, this commission has taken its original focus of inclusion, which we applaud, and twisted it so far as to make slavery/emancipation its main focus, in effect excluding any rememberance of the men and women who so valiantly defended Virginia.

The commission's Facebook page is closed to comments, based on the fact that there were many Virginians who questioned the content as being void of any mention of the rich history of our State and the War, other than that which relates to slavery/emancipation.

Throughout the years the State has made many promises to honor the memory of its Veterans, many of which have been broken. That in itself should be enough to cause an outcry, but this commission, which is funded by the tax dollars from the descendants of these brave heroes, has stepped the offense up from disregarding promises to actually attacking their memory.

Even if one has no interest in honoring these valiant men, the economic fallout of the decisions made should be questioned. Virginia is rich in its history, with battlefields, museums, cemeteries and other places of interest, which, if promoted properly, could draw in tourists and revenue. Instead, in the name of political correctness, these treasures are left ignored at a time when additional revenue is desperately needed.

General Patrick Cleburne, CSA said this, in the midst of the War...
"Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision". How prophetic...and how sad that we would see it propigated not by Northern school teachers or school books, but by those who are being paid by the Commonwealth of Virginia to promote the Sesquicentennial.

Susan Hathaway more than 11 years ago

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