Afton: Mountain, Myth, Legend



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Fond Memory

In our teens, (you could get a license back then, if you were at least 15), we used to drive up Afton Mt. to buy firecrackers from a guy who worked out of a green shack. The really good ones (cherry bombs and silver salutes, cost a nickel). The ride was fun; the firecrackers were really fun. None of us got hurt but a lot of tin cans got what for. ;)

Burton Keeble more than 2 years ago

Nicely written

Thanks for this informative article. I'm a newbie to this area and you have answered so many of my questions.

J Allen more than 6 years ago

April Goodloe Murphy

Wow, just amazingly wow! Thanks for this wonderful informative article. My dad was from Avon/rockfish gap and my Mom was from Waynesboro. Lots of information about both places. more than 7 years ago


Avon calling.

Blue more than 7 years ago

Real date for the boring-through of the Blue Ridge Tunnel

Nice article, but the Christmas Day boring-through of the Blue Ridge Tunnel is a myth. The actual date was Monday, December 29, 1856. See Elizabeth Dabney Coleman's dissertation, "The Story of the Virginia Central Railroad." For the names of the Irish men and boys who labored that day--some for two or three shifts straight--and their jobs and pay rates, see pp. 140-142 in The Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad (The History Press, 2015).

Mary E. Lyons more than 7 years ago

born at the old tunnel

My grandfather Allen Sandridge was a watchman for the c&o railroad and walked the old tunnel to keep people safe trying to walk through the tunnel and he built a small home near the entrance of the tunnel that I was born in on land he bought from my other grand father George Carter and I have pictures of that house .My deceased Aunt Nellie Carter would come carry me and baby sit me at the George Carter home in 1941.Papa Sandridge was transdered to the C&o James River division and after working there at every wistle stop retired after 37 years .Still love Afton and we Carters there still stick together.

Charles E Carter "Sonny" more than 8 years ago


There was a section called "Wine and Cookies", but you never actually mentioned the cookies! There was a lady named June Curry who lived in Afton right on Rt 6, which is also US Bike Route 76. She was known as the cookie lady, and had a sign offering free water and cookies to the bikers making the long climb up Afton Mountain. I assume the section title was a reference to this, I wish you'd expanded on it! She passed away a few years ago and is missed by many.

Brandon B. more than 8 years ago



FLOYD more than 8 years ago

Superb article

What a well-written, concise history of our region and our beloved Afton Mountain!

Liza Peltola more than 8 years ago

Ah, but only officially Afton Mountain since 1998

See the William and Mary Geology Department's article on the approved naming:

Scott D. more than 7 years ago

Village of Afton

No go back and read the whole article. it started as the village of Afton, then included the mountain in 1859

BriP more than 7 years ago

Official naming of Afton Mountain by BGN

Board on Geographic Names Decisions
Name Authority Decision Type BGN
Afton Mountain Board Decision Official 1998

Ray F more than 7 years ago

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