A Need for Speed



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Freddie Brown

Thank you Virginia Living for expanding your coverage into SW Virginia and sharing the many wonderful stories there are to tell here. Freddie Brown is one of my relatives who once drove my cousin Peter and I to the West Virginia State Fair in a Pussom Belly Cattle Truck, back when he was driving a trucks. Happy to see you tell his story, he is a hard working man with a great race car track.

Frank Brown, Jr. more than 11 years ago


I have been to Wythe Raceway several times over the past couple of years. I have loved every minute of it. There are few places that can give you as much fun on a saturday night.

Brad Underwood more than 11 years ago

A need for speed

Get out here to this outlaw redneck track "Franklin County Speedway" for some real action! NASCAR's Ward Burton's son will be racin' next Saturday night! There is bound to be some excitement, you won't be disappointed. Bring a chair.

Franklin County "The Moonshine Capital of the World" - they are filming "Wettest County in the World" about Franklin County VA which of course, will have a few high speed chases in it!

Shellie Anne more than 11 years ago

Franklin Co. Movie

Hello Shellie,Please let me know about the film and when it will be finished.The film will be a great history and a tribute to the drivers who started racing to be as great as it is.

Johnny Childress/ 1chldrss@centurylink.net more than 9 years ago


DON'T SELL CALLAWAY (Franklin County Speedway) SHORT...NOT A DIRT TRACK, BUT 3/8 MILE ASPHALT....historic track...all the 'thrills & chills' you could ask for on a Saturday nite!!

The Late Model and Any Car are MY favorites <<<<

2SALTI more than 11 years ago

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