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Across the mountain

I enjoyed this very much, even many years since written. My family line is the Levitt's (my momma is Anna Gale Levitt Page and her daddy was Charlie Levitt who owned a mechanics garage towards Rocky Gap). We are just across the mountain in the valley, Grapefield (Wolf Creek).

Angel Page Loesch more than 1 year ago

Brown's Trout Farm

My mother Norma Ruth Brown (Bunn) grew up in Burkes Garden in the 19 40's and 1950's. She is sister to Jimmy Brown mentioned elsewhere here. Mack and Pauline Brown had a dairy farm and trout hatchery (Brown's Trout Farm) in the valley at the foot of Bald Knob. They provided fish for the state for years to stock trout streams. My Grandfather was the best whittler I have ever seen, and a crackerjack self-taught mechanic/ engineer who could build anything, a trait he passed down to my Uncle Jimmy as well. He had served in the CCC during the depression then worked for the state before settling down here. I have fond memories of visiting grandpa's farm and hunting, fishing and playing in the valley. My grandmother was a beautiful soul who loved her grandkids dearly and always had a hot breakfast ready. I can still smell the bacon, eggs and potatoes cooking as I woke in the big bed in the attic where us kids slept. Many an hour was spent looking for fossils high on the mountain, or swinging on the old swing in the tree in the yard. Sadly, the farm is gone now and the old house no longer exists except in memories.

Brian Bunn more than 2 years ago

Ruth Brown Bunn

I found this older post online when doing some searching about Burkes Garden. Ruth Brown Bunn was my 5th grade teacher at Cedar Bluff Elementary - the only year she taught there as she got married that year over the Christmas holiday. Would love to know if she is still living and where she is. I liked her and always thought she was pretty lady.

Charlie 77 days ago

Kimberlin Family!

Anyone know the Kimberlins that live in Burke's Garden?

Diana Casey more than 3 years ago

Kimberlin family

I grew up in BG, and our farm abutted the farm on which the Kimberlins lived; they were decent hard working people. At least two who grew up there are still alive; Darrell, a son of George Kimberlin, still lives there. Mike, a nephew of George, lives in Indiana (I believe). Both are on Facebook (or were a few months ago).

Gary Evans Howell 349 days ago

Burke's Garden Family

I was doing some research on Ancestry and found my cousin on my dad's side about 10 years ago. Long story short his daughter Sharon and her family live in Burke's Garden and we have visited often. Truly indeed, this is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and amazing places I have ever seen. Words can't describe it so you need to visit and see for yourself.
Wanda Sparks Wood, Goodview, VA

wanda s wood more than 3 years ago

The Kimberlins!

Anyone know the Kimberlins that live in Burke's Garden? I am kin to them and would love to find where they live now?

Diana Casey more than 3 years ago

The Kimberlins

I lived the next place down from the Kimberlins in the 70's but I have no idea where they are now. I left Tazewell county for 30 years and just came back 7 years ago. Lost track of everything.

John Peery more than 2 years ago

Jack Kimberlin

I know Jack Kimberlin from the Garden. He’s in Culpeper now.

Lucas more than 1 year ago

The Garden

As an Insurance Agent for Virginia Farm Bureau I made frequent visits to the Garden and the folks that lived there were some of the hardest working people I’ve met! The farmers were busy every day you visited them either milking their cows, planting their corn, chopping their corn, etc I always enjoyed making a round through the Garden during corn harvest time and always had to stop at the Burks Garden Store for a refreshment and snack! It is one of the most awesome places I’ve ever been and for the last 20 years I still look forward to making my visits to the Garden!

Jim Eaton more than 3 years ago

old Marine Buddy

I served with James “Jimmy” Brown in the Marine Corps
We were stationed at Cherry Point NC in 1967. I went home
with Jimmy one weekend and thought that Burkes Garden
was the most beautiful place I had ever seen.
My wife and I dropped by to see Jimmy in about 1973 he
Was living in a mobile home on his parents farm and had a
fairly new baby. He showed me around the farm again and
his new Ford tractor. Sadly I didn’t keep in touch with him
after that. I did not see the Brown name on the residence sign
wonder if anyone could share any information on Jim and his family.
Walt Sheppard -- wesheep2@yahoo.com

Walter Sheppard more than 6 years ago

Jim Brown

My Daddy was Jim Brown, I'm the baby, I have two older sisters. Sadly Daddy passed away a year and a half ago. I have emailed you. I hope to hear from you. I would love to hear about him and meet an old buddy of his!

Misty Crouse more than 6 years ago

Any Bane's there?

My great grandfather was from there. He was a Bane. Wondered if any left?

Angela more than 6 years ago


My mom was a Bane. Her daddy was Andrew Bane. They had 11 kids. They lived as you go up into the Garden on the hill side. I was born there but moved to Amherst in 1960. I love the place and dream of staying there more than one night. About the only relatives left are buried in the Lutheran church. I would love to have just a tiny bit of land.

Sally Lambert Turner 191 days ago

Wonderful article

What a fantastic article!! I spent summers, as a child in the Garden. It holds so many wonderful memories for me and my family. I enjoy visiting whenever I can. I am part of the Rhudy family and proud to have this heritage. Hard work, family bonds and the most beautiful place on Earth. Thanks for a wonderful article!

Lisa more than 8 years ago

The Varmit

Just to let you know the information you have about the varmint was incorrect. It was not shot by a professional hunter although Clell Lee was hired from Arizona. He did not actually get a shot at the varmit the morning of 2-22-1953. He was shot by Alfred Jones & Hugh Cox. I know this for a fact because my great uncle, Bob Davis, was there. My father who was born and raised in the Garden was alive then also.

Kelly Davis Wimmer more than 8 years ago

Hugh Cox

Interesting- I heard this too from my uncle. My grandfathers brother was Hugh Cox. Hugh ran a small brick gas station that was at burkes garden road where it turned off of 61. Hugh was famous for being
a crotchety guy that few could get along with. (so the story goes) I can just remember him but I was too young to remember what he was like. I think he passed away in the early to mid 80's. All of these
people were very tough people. Also my great grandfather was the Tazewell county sheriff just after the turn of the century (1900- 1906 --- or thereabouts)

Clyde Bandy more than 5 years ago

The Varmint & the High School.

Thanks for setting the record straight about who shot the coyote. I grew up listening to my dad’s stories, one of them was about the Varmint. My, Jim Rogers, and a friend of his, I think it was Harold Hartman, had their Sunday morning hunt all planned out, where they were going to set up and watch for the coyote. My mom supposedly put a stop to the plans when she made dad go to church instead. Dad said that the men that shot the coyote were in the very place he and his friend had planned to be. He would end his story with the comment that he never forgave mom for making him miss the end of the coyote.
Another story was about a thief at the school. It turned out to be a crow flying into classrooms when the kids were out, and taking whatever shiny thing that caught his attention.
My dad, Jim Rogers, was Principal at the high school and my mother, Dorothy or Dot as she was also known as, taught English and maybe another subject, but I’m not sure what. My brother, Jimmy, went to school there, and I spent my days with Sheb and Jess Sparks. I have many wonderful memories of my time in the Garden. I have been back to visit a few times, and dad went to a reunion many years ago. I was at the cemetery where the Sparks are buried, and met a man that remembered being at Sue Moss’s place on a day they were slaughtering hogs. Being too young to help, he was playing with some other kids. He recalled the boy’s name was Jimmy, but couldn’t remember the little girl’s name. It was my brother and me he was remembering.
The Garden is a unique and special place, and I truly envy those people who wake up there each morning.

Carolyn Rogers more than 3 years ago

burkes garden

alec meeks wife--berty, was my mothers sister!!! i remember jack, tom and lillian!!!, I spent many a day there on the old home place and when I was only four years old I pulled the tongue out of OLD HITLER, who was laying inside on a couch!!!, and there was a stone house down below the smokehouse, where uncle alex kept an animal!!! and I wandered there, and said daddy, come see the doggy!!! well guess what ?? it was not a dog, it was a bear!!!

john M johnston more than 10 years ago

marvin meek

Marvin is my 2nd cousin and we love to go see him every chance we get. Marvin has the best border collies that listen on simple camands like here and there. Even though he's aged a lot he's still going 110% all the time.

jaxson meek more than 10 years ago

Marvin Meek

In the 50s My family visited my great uncle (Ed McFarland) who lived in Burkes Garden. My father (James Hubert McFarland) and his sister (Grace) were both born in the Garden. Marvin at that tine was a young man in his 20s and with the help of three border collies ran some 2,000 sheep on the bald mountain just behind my uncle Ed's house. I remember one time when the chickens had got out that he instructed his dogs to round them up and put every one of them into the chicken house. My great aunt Delia just couldn't thank his enough. I revisited Marven about 10 years ago and we swapped many stories about my great-uncle who he considered as a member of his family. His wife was related to my great aunt Delia and I remember feeling a wonderful feeling in my heart just knowing that I still had family in Burkes Garden. God Bless all who have preserved this wonderful place.

Jerry McFarland more than 11 years ago


what a story to behold! I am enchanted. thank you

jenny cox more than 12 years ago

another Jenny Cox ?

Jenny Cox, ---- My grandmothers name was jenny Cox- she lived along the base of the mountain along
the road that goes up there. Across from the church. she died about 1950 i think-- she was in her 70's or 80's then. Just wondered if you were related ?

Clyde Bandy more than 5 years ago

Burk's Garden

Fascinating and well written story

peter slavin more than 12 years ago

Burkes Garden

My husband and I bought property in the Garden when the Amish sold their land and moved away.
We've built a beautiful retirement home, on the West End and he is up there more than here (Norfolk). The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is laid back. I've traveled all over Virginia and there is not a more scenic area to be found !

Sarah Hite more than 13 years ago

Burks Garden

My father was born and raised in Burkes Garden. This is heaven here on earth. If you have never visited, please make plans to. There is truely no place like Burkes Garden I Love It.............

Donna (Kitts) Umberger more than 13 years ago

Buries Garden

I'm Don Davis, born and raised in the Garden. We still maintain a small acreage back there and Carol & I vacation there often. It is so beautiful that between Caol and I, the three kids plus families, you have to schedule one's visits there in order to be sure you have a bed when you arrive.
We keep track of it with cameras and internet. The pictures are especially exciting in the winter when the snow is so deep!

Don Davis more than 5 years ago

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