Voting Bov22

Our 11th annual Best of Virginia Readers’ Survey opens at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 4! We invite you to join thousands of other Virginia Living readers and vote for the best restaurants, shops, museums, and more through Jan. 31.


Dropdown menus are back! We’ve seeded 20 businesses in each category, based on 2021voting data. But you can always write-in your favorite.

13 new or updated categories:

- Best Fine Dining

- Best Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten Free Fare

- Best Radio Station

- Best Dance Studio

- Best Specialty Fitness

- Best Tennis Facility

- Best Alternative Medicine

- Best Home Health Provider

- Best Ophthalmology Practice

- Best Plumbing/HVAC Company

- Best Auction Company

- Best Bank 

- Best Car Wash

Things to remember:

- Vote in just 1 category or all 103. You can vote in as few or as many as you like!

- Check out our list of categories below.

- Use the right region: If you live in Richmond, but your favorite seafood place is at the beach, please switch to the Eastern region to vote for the restaurant. Votes in the wrong region will not be counted. Click here to see our list of regions.

- You can vote in as few or as many regions as you like.

- When you have finished voting for all of your “bests,” click the “Submit” button and your vote will be cast! (Hint: You don’t have to finish the survey all at once; visit the survey on the same device later and your previous responses will be saved.)

- If you do not click “Submit,” your votes will not be counted

- Limit one ballot per person. Encourage your friends and family to vote too!

Questions? Contact Associate Editor, Special Projects, Vayda Parrish at