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One of the greatest men the United States has produced

If there is anyone greater in courage, morality, honor, duty, compassion, and overall character born in the United States I cannot think who it might be. Lincoln and Washington may be Lee's equal in most (and possibly all) of these characteristics.

However, anyone who has put any effort into learning about Lee in the entirety of his life could not help but see his at least equal standing with the other two great men of this country. For me, though, there is something about his overall character and personality which sets him slightly above Washington and Lincoln. I must grant that in their accomplishments, Washington and Lincoln do surpass Lee.

That his statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond was torn down only indicates the ignorance of those who made that decision. Was Lee a racist by today's standards? Of course he was. But then, 99.9% of everyone who had ever lived at that time was racist in one way or another.

To judge a person by today's standards rather than the standards of their day shows ignorance, and to me it shows willful ignorance for no reason other than to gain political power -- to their shame.

DeWitt Shank more than 1 year ago

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