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The Gala @ Kenmore

My heartfelt thanks to all who give so generously to the Preservation of Kenmore and Ferry Farms. It was such an honor to have been the general contractor involved in the construction of the Crowninshield Building.The privilege of working under Milton Grigg, FAIA , his colleagues and Russell Bastedo in the construction of the "Non - Building " { a sunken structure appearing only as a Garden Wall} was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family to give back to our community. It was an educational endeavor as well, having watched Sydney King, Caroline County , create the background for the Diorama..{ Painted as a Fresco} and the model builders from the Winterthur Museum. It was an incredible experience. Long Live the Mansion and the City of Fredericksburg.....I visit often and rejoice whenever I see the preservationists at work....

William Newton more than 11 years ago

December 2010 newsletter

It is a long time since I was director of Kenmore (1972-77) and worked to develop the Crowninshield Education Building and its diorama. I am delighted to see Mrs. Schoonmaker's name prominently featured, after all these years, and I wish you all well!

russell bastedo more than 11 years ago

May/June 22
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