October 30, 2014

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born at the old tunnel

My grandfather Allen Sandridge was a watchman for the c&o railroad and walked the old tunnel to keep people safe trying to walk through the tunnel and he built a small home near the entrance of the tunnel that I was born in on land he bought from my other grand father George Carter and I have pictures of that house .My deceased Aunt Nellie Carter would come carry me and baby sit me at the George Carter home in 1941.Papa Sandridge was transdered to the C&o James River division and after working there at every wistle stop retired after 37 years .Still love Afton and we Carters there still stick together.

Charles E Carter "Sonny" 43 days ago


There was a section called "Wine and Cookies", but you never actually mentioned the cookies! There was a lady named June Curry who lived in Afton right on Rt 6, which is also US Bike Route 76. She was known as the cookie lady, and had a sign offering free water and cookies to the bikers making the long climb up Afton Mountain. I assume the section title was a reference to this, I wish you'd expanded on it! She passed away a few years ago and is missed by many.

Brandon B. 44 days ago



FLOYD 44 days ago

Superb article

What a well-written, concise history of our region and our beloved Afton Mountain!

Liza Peltola 46 days ago


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