In Bermuda Waters



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Bermuda by Carey Roberts

Surely did enjoy this since I just relished Bermuda myself with 3 siblings this April. We had a great time, of course, but not the history that this writing offers. What a wonderful combination of history and personal events. It's a privilege to know you Carey!!

Shirley Martin more than 9 years ago

Bermuda article by Carey Roberts

Interesting article!

Charles Cansler more than 9 years ago

In Bermuda Waters

Very nice story! While I liked the historical side more, it was interesting to weave the two story lines together and definitely left me wishing for more. And I think a grandparent/grandchild trip is a great way to bond and have a shared experience to build on for later in life.

Brian Willard more than 9 years ago

In Bermuda Waters

Can't help admiring grand-parents willing to go snorkeling ten miles out in the Atlantic ocean. Great article.

John O'Connor more than 9 years ago

Bermuda by Carey Roberts

History comes alive in this beautifully told tale of a grandmother and grandson tracing their own family story while making another family story. I love the mix of historical facts--there are many--with the warmth of the relationship. Certainly young Will has inherited a love of his Virginia heritage from his grandmother. I agree with the earlier writer who said this should be enlarged to novella form; I didn't want it to end.

Eileen Brener more than 9 years ago

Comments on Carey Roberts, Bermuda

What a spell binding story! It is so well written (although there were a few typos) and warmly gripping that I couldn't stop reading. It combined an inspiring story of a grandmother and grandson's adventure with fascinsting facts about Bermuda and Virgina and American history in a way that made me want to grab my grandson (unfortunately too young for such an adventure and with no Virginia relatives to trace) and hop on a BIOS boat! I wish it were in the form of a short novella so I could curl up in bed and read and reread it to bring sweet dreams, instead of sitting here reading it at the computer!

Carol Galaty more than 9 years ago

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