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Fabulous Trip!

I'm very impressed with, and fairly stunned by Tricia Pearsall's lighthearted account of an amazing and difficult trek, in which she only mentions some minor inconveniences such as high winds and mountain lightning with driven snow, altitude sickness and narrow ledges at nearly 16,000 feet and, oh yes, some white-out conditions. That she focused on bringing back such vivid and beautiful word-pictures and photographs from a strange and far away place is a real gift to us armchair travelers. Many thanks to Tricia for sharing the thrills.

Cynthia King more than 6 years ago


Here's the applause that should have greeted Tricia Pearsall at the pinnacle of this trip into the land of pink llamas. She earns an A++ in vivid description and luscious photography, and even makes me hungry for roasted guinea pig with smoky potatoes. Let's hope she continues to go on location and bring us less adventurous beings a whiff of the marvellous worlds she discovers.

V. Tyack more than 6 years ago

Magic article and photography !

By reading this article, I have been transported to a land I might never experience. Tricia's has a gift in making you believe you are on location with her, for she so passionately illustrates in detail, all that she experiences. It is like being there ! I can clearly visualize the stripes shawls, the embroidered sequins hats, and the bold, colorful dress of the women against the earth tones. Of course, the photographic images, which are beautifully composed, evoke all my emotions !
Thank you for this virtual trip, and I sincerely hope there will be more to come on a steady basis, for if I cannot travel, I can at least depend on a great magazine to provide the best writers/photographers, like Ms. Pearsall to fulfill my desires of understanding and appreciating the far away places, at least in print....

R. Intrevado more than 6 years ago

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