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Dreams and Visions

On the Evening of Hopi Prophecy On Turtle Island is said to be her Home yet The Story goes that the Military of unknown Origin. Sending AARPS Sonic Rays into Turtle Rock to Stop Her Mother Earth Control of as You can see The Weather.
As I Slept that evening, as I slet I heard crashing dishes and other items just crashing being broken out of Rage. I knoe the Sound Well. I entered The Mound walked in the Darkest like blackness came to a rounded door and stood ready to RUN, Dash Mode. A Rounded Woman looked Familiar somehow I asked if she would hurt me? she said she would never. I entered at her request, we sat and listened to each other not speaking yet a lot was said in those seemed moments yet I awake as Spider Woman still slept. I reaching a hand on her side. and left . The Day after I checked the Internet and The Prophecy Rock that was broken was White not Black Meaning Time Would Remain. Not End.
My Dreams and Visions are because I am a Daughter of The Old Blood and still have acess to the old Gods. So do you,if you are reading this. We are ONE. Our next Direction is achieving Contact without Words . Words are not our Way. we lost , well maybe we never Lost it just a Gift say that is Part of the Collective Consiousness.
My idea is that we are being deceived ito a reality that keeps us from our Source. We must go within.not to be quiet not in the least but to learn once again to listen to the Earth and be a custodian of Her Conscience for she watches over Us as her Children our Mother. There is no reason to think The white man is Evil ist about getting back to a reality that fits without Hatred and Greed or moreover HATE. Our Father Sky, has duties yet we are inmesshed in a Man created Drama of Control your Energy. You are the light and must choose which reality you wish to support. Being locked in a Box is not the way that is part of the Control aspect. A lot must change, like we are working on our Shame all of us, Shame stays in the Blood till it is Healed and only You can say When. Keep Dreaming and seeing the Light.

Moonbeam more than 6 years ago


how did they make musci and art

brittany more than 6 years ago

Always on my mind, and in my heart.

My heart is with the tribe, although I am far from my home land. May we never; never forget who we are, and from where we came.

Danny Wallace more than 6 years ago

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