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Ali Krieger

OMG! AK is so awesome! World Cup 2015 is yours!

Alexis M more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

Ali indeed is a warrior! It's so inspiring how after all she's been through she didn't give up. You can see how much she loves the game when she's playing, she's an amazing player! I'm so glad I had the chance to go the one of the US games earlier this year and see in action. I wish the whole team and her good luck and I also want to see them with the gold and especially Ali she deserves it!

TY more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

You are an amazing person Ali! You inspire a lot of people of all generation to do their very best and you also have a big heart! You have certainly made fans here in Hawaii! We wish you the very best Ms. Krieger! Much respect and Aloha from Hawaii!

Jake more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

Beautiful inside and out -- she's just a classy person and competitor. Praying she stays healthy and in form until the 2015 World Cup.

Nova man more than 2 years ago

Ali krieger

Such an inspiring lady, with an incredibly bright future ahead of her! Can't wait to watch it unfold

Coco Hyde more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

Well written and what a great athlete and Virginian.

Cat more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

So impressive and inspirational. Ali Krieger is awesome.

Ana more than 2 years ago

Ali Krieger

Ali is my hero. It's crazy how she's dealt with so many things--injury and health wise--and has come back stronger than ever, each time. She never gives up and that's truly inspiring.

Ina more than 2 years ago


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