W. Matthew Shipman

Lost Rhino Brewery

Matt Shipman

Lost Rhino in Ashburn is a new Virginia brewery from Matthew Hagerman and Favio Garci, formerly of Old Dominion Brewing Company. more



W. Matthew Shipman

Tracey Love tells the story of Starr Hill Brewery, W. Matthew Shipman tastes and grades the beers. more

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Rick Perry isn't fond, but Matt Shipman says pit-smoked pork barbecue with a vinegar-based sauce is the only way to go. more



Julia K. Ellis

In Alexandria, Port City Brewing is producing beers that pass the taste test. more

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A Magical Craft - Feature

Lee Baskerville and Tyler Darden

Why does one become a builder of boats? W. Matthew Shipman talks to Steve Zimmerman, of Zimmerman Marine in Mathews, about the challenges and joys of running a boatyard. more

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Beer feat

Photography by Kip Dawkins | Food by J Frank | Prop Styling by Tyler Darden

Legend Brewing Company started as a one-man brewpub. Now it’s the state’s biggest independently owned craft brewer, and, at age 16, hitting its stride with broader distribution and a new product guaranteed to please Joe Six-Pack. Plus: Beer pairings. more

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Antiques expert Ken Farmer, a regular on Antiques Roadshow, talks about his love of American folk art, how he got started in the business. more

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Virginia Chutney Co. sells the traditional sauce. more

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Photo by David Deal

Music producer and songwriter Chris Keup finds inspiration on his organic farm. more

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