Virginia State Parks

In cold-weather months, golden eagles soar high above Virginia’s western mountains. Read more


Tricia Pearsall takes us on a journey to Hungry Mother State Park in Smyth County, one of Virginia's six original state parks. Read more


Thanks to our wildly divergent geography, we Virginians get to do it all in the great outdoors. Join us as we meet some of each region’s most devoted sportsmen who boulder, fish, kayak, mountain bike, race and surf their way to recreational bliss. Read more


Why I don’t want Virginia’s newest state park to get any press. Read more


A year-round hotspot. Read more

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High Brige Trail State Park

Tricia Pearsall

With the completion of the High Bridge Trail State Park, a promise has been fulfilled. Read more


The Virginia State Parks System—opened in 1936 in the midst of the Great Depression—turned 75 this year. Read more


It is the 75th Anniversary of Virginia State Parks. Read more



Jeff Greenough

There are few better getaways than a jaunt on the Appalachian Trail. It’s the most famous hiking corridor in America, and there is more of it in Virginia than any other state. Joe Tennis spent two days near Grayson Highlands State Park. Read more


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