Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson introduced American junk food favorites. Read more

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Exploring the architectural design practices and contemporary ideals of Thomas Jefferson. Read more

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Our founding fathers were not only statesmen of intellect and courage, they were also men of fashion, versed in the languages of good taste and classic gentility. Read more

The life and times of Thomas Jefferson as seen through the eyes of his daughter. Read more

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Historian releases book examining Thomas Jefferson’s reputation during his own time. Read more

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Our guide to events at Monticello, Mount Vernon and Montpelier is sure to please any POTUS. Read more

No Cranks - Feature

Photography by Patricia Lyons | Food styling by J Fran

Our first and third presidents, Virginians both, were ice cream pioneers. You can be, too: The homemade summer miracle is back, sans the elbow grease. Read more


The Glorious Gardens at Monticello

Kathleen Toler

Thomas Jefferson wasn't just one of America's greatest minds, he was a fine gardener as well. Read more

House + Garden


Celia Pearson

The beloved boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson blooms fresh each year in spring. Paula Steers Brown visits a private farm with a very public mission. Read more

House + Garden

April 23, 2010 • Poplar Forest, Forest Read more

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A Fondness for the Grape

Scott Baldwin

A wine-themed exhibit features historic silver, glass and maps—some of the latter related to Thomas Jefferson’s 1787 tour of France’s wine country Read more


In 1986, a nonprofit set out to restore Thomas Jefferson’s private retreat, Poplar Forest. Now a sizeable chunk of Jefferson’s original plantation is again intact, and the main house’s exterior has been returned to its original glory. Read more

House + Garden

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